We dedicate ourselves to providing the best immediate aesthetic solutions through our cooperation with a wide range of the most reputable aesthetic medical brands to provide the best products that suit each patient’s unique needs.

In the field of hair care, we collaborate with Biofibre brand, which provides immediate aesthetic solutions for hair thinning remedies and baldness problems, Biocompatible artificial hair, Biofibre hair care set, and the latest equipment for artificial hair transplantation.

closed system transfer device

We collaborate with the most innovators in the closed system transfer brands to provide you with a wide range of meticulously engineered, highly effective compounding solutions, including brands like Equashield that offers:

  • Fully closed system drug-transfer devices (CSTD).
  • Equashield Syringe units.
  • Secondary Tubing Set Thin contains Spike Adaptor integrated with tubing set with a drip chamber.

Moreover, innovative equipment ensures the safe handling of hazardous drugs and provides workers with protection and peace of mind.

And Equashield Pro is the automated compounding robot to complete the workload in an hour; the robot provides real-time analytics and advanced processing to monitor and manage dose preparation.

THE CLEANROOM by Biopharmax

Pioneer Med is here to help you enhance your clinical workflow by collaborating with renewable brands like Biopharmax to provide you with the best innovative equipment, from test analysis tools to biosafety cabinets, sterilization tools, vial washers, and air purifiers devices from B Pure to deliver powerful air purification that provides high-level filtration and air & surface purification, realizing a feeling of safety in a healthy environment. Through the latest devices designed specifically to fulfill your needs within the highest standards of medical efficiency.

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